The 23 Year old Nigerian, Onoriode Aziza who has three first-class degrees from  OAU, Nigerian Law School, and Cambridge University has stated that he was never a Genius.

In his words, “After strenuous struggles at the prestigious Kings College Lagos, I was admitted to study law in Obafemi Awolowo University at 15. Young, naïve and free-spirited, I took up the challenge of studying law – and a daunting challenge it was! My initial years were rough. I initially had a writing style used across all examinations, but wildly fluctuating grades quickly taught me to pick courses only after careful enquiry, and tailor examination answers to the tastes of the particular lecturers.”

His second first class degree was from the Yenagoa Campus of the Nigerian Law School after which he proceeded to The University of Cambridge where he bagged the third first class degree in spite of several challenges.

This feat has further draws our attention to the emergence of a new generation of young Africans ready to cause a dramatic positive change through their dedication and resilience.