Mr. Sunny Eromosele Eboh bags the African Leadership Industry Achievement Award at the African Business and Investment Forum

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Mr. Sunny Eromosele Eboh the Chief Executive Officer of Mudiame Welding Institute Limited received the African Leadership Industry Achievement Award at the just concluded African Business and Investment Forum, held at the prestigious Imperial College, London, UK.

The event which also had in attendance The Managing Director of Liberia National Port Authority, among other African business leaders was held on the 11th of May 2017.

Mr. Eboh with extensive experience in business initiative and management, founded Mudiame International Limited out of his burning desire to ensure that Local Content Capacity Building in West Africa as a whole is enhanced.

This vision he has achieved through his company where almost all the Testing activities required in the Oil and Gas Sectors are done in-country. The Company is a one stop Laboratory that covers Laboratory testing and Calibration services which are offered to Oil and Gas industries and other Allied Companies at both upstream and downstream sectors.

Mudiame broke the ice berg in 2010 on Mechanical Test when there was the occurrence of volcanic eruption which hindered Oil and Gas industries in West Africa from flying out Test specimens as usual to foreign countries for the Mechanical test. The only resolution was to carry out the test in- country. This led to Mudiame taking up the challenge by establishing Mechanical test Laboratory where most of these companies successfully carried out the Mechanical tests for the entire test specimen meant to be done abroad. The Laboratory is accredited and certified to ISO IEC 17025 accreditation (IAS) and ISO 9001:2008 certification (UKAS).

He has also contributed immensely to the development of competent Welding Engineers and Welders in West Africa by establishing the Mudiame Welding Institute a subsidiary of Mudiame International Limited where International Welding training certification Diploma courses in line with International Institute of Welding (IIW) guideline and requirement is obtained in Nigeria, West Africa.

His vision for the Welding Institute brought employment opportunities to the local Engineers who are now engaged in the Oil and Gas Industries as qualified Welding Engineers after successfully being trained and certified to IIW Welding Diploma programmes in Mudiame Welding Institute. Most of these Welding Engineers are participating in big Projects of which one of them is the Egina Project which is one of the greatest Projects in Nigeria.

His passion and contribution to the Oil and Gas Industries has earned his companies merit awards from different Organizations in the world such as;

-International Diamond Price Award for Excellence in Quality Research (ESQR)-2015

-Golden Award for Quality and Business Prestige issued by Association Other Ways Management and consulting-2015

-International Arch of Europe (IAE) Award by the Business Initiative Directions (BID)-2015 

-Prime Business Destination Leading regional company for investment and Innovation by (EBA) Viribus Unitis-2016 

In his continuous quest for development and growth of Technological Industrialization, he has moved on to expand the Institution into a University of Technology as a Research, Training and Certification Centre. The Institute will commence activities in the third quarter of 2018.

He is a great achiever as his vision is for continuous development in the areas and fields that seem to be lacking competence in the whole of West Africa. This is why he stands out as one of the best Managing Director /CEO in his country Nigeria.


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