In order to reduce the number of unqualified teachers and improve on the shortage of teachers in schools in Namibia, the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture will spend the sum of N$100 million in organizing training sessions for teachers.

In a statement, the Public Relations Officer of the Ministry, Absalom Absalom said that the Centre for Continuing Professional Development, Teaching and Development at the University of Namibia will be in charge of the training of unqualified and underqualified teachers.

The training budget of the ministry is expected to run through to 2024 with year 1 and year 2 In-Service Education and Training (INSET) teachers totaling 1,627 being registered and to complete training by 2019.

The training programme is not only restricted to teachers as 35 school principals (trainers of trainers) have also been trained in the implementation of the revised curriculum for junior secondary schools.

Information Communication Technology (ICT) training for teachers has also taken place and facilitated by the National Institute for Educational Development in fourteen political/administrative regions of the country.

The Chinese-Funds-in-Trust project in partnership with UNESCO has also designed an online education platform called KOPANO with a virtual space for educators across the country to have a forum for practice irrespective of distance, the platform allows for facilitated discussions, communications, learning and sharing of best practices.