ND WESTERN’s Unmatched Accomplishments in Africa’s Energy Landscape

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ND Western, a leading energy company, has embarked on a noble mission to revolutionize Africa’s energy sector by producing oil and gas prudently, delivering exceptional value to both people and shareholders. In an exclusive interview, MD Eberechukwu Oji, the visionary leader behind ND Western’s success, highlighted the company’s commitment to asserting its position as a world-class energy player and overcoming the challenges in its path.


Challenges on the Path to Excellence


In the quest for excellence, ND Western has faced its share of hurdles. Addressing these challenges, The MD/CEO Eberchukwu Oji commented, “Looking at what we have achieved in the last 10 years of acquiring our assets, we have taken our oil production from 8 kbpd to an impressive 22 kbpd, reaching a peak of 27 kbpd. Similarly, our gas production has surged from 220 mmscfd to an astounding 350 mmscfd, with a peak of 385 mmscfd.” The remarkable growth has not been without its obstacles, primarily centered around the distribution lines. ND Western has been committed to tackling these hurdles with proactive measures, including the revamp of aging pipelines and robust strategies to combat crude theft and pipeline vandalism.


A Trailblazing Journey to Integration


ND Western’s vision extends far beyond its current achievements. The MD Eberchukwu Oji, emphasized their goal of becoming the continent’s preferred energy company, and the strides they have made towards full integration in the energy industry. Through strategic partnerships with Falcon Corp. and FHN, they have established “OPTIMERA,” a potent force within the LFTZ, catering to gas delivery. Their commitment to the downstream domain is evident in the development of a 10,000 bpd refinery. Additionally, the Utorogu Industrial Park, a significant project in progress, aims to supply gas to industries within a 25-kilometer radius of the Utorogu gas processing plant. The company’s forward-thinking approach includes exploring opportunities in LNG and CNG, envisioning a long-term commitment to these technologies.


Honored and Humbled


As a testament to ND Western’s remarkable accomplishments, Engr Eberchukwu Oji was recently honored with the African Energy Leadership Special Commendation Award. Expressing gratitude, he stated, “I find myself profoundly honoured and humbled to receive the African Energy Leadership Special Commendation Award. Heartfelt gratitude is extended to the African Energy Leadership and The Editorial Team of the African Leadership Magazine for this distinguished recognition.” The award serves as a powerful motivation, driving the CEO and ND Western to strive for even greater heights.


Inspiring the Next Generation


Engr Eberchukwu Oji, an eminent figure in the energy sector, shares his valuable advice for young Africans aspiring to make a mark in the industry. “During the nascent stages of their careers, young Africans ought to anchor their focus on acquiring profound technical expertise in their chosen industry and discipline,” he said. “Professional engagement, perpetual learning, and self-development are the guiding principles toward mastering one’s craft and creating value within the industry’s dynamic landscape.”


About ND Western


ND Western is a prominent energy company committed to producing oil and gas prudently while delivering exceptional value to its stakeholders. With a visionary leadership team, strategic partnerships, and a focus on innovation, the company aims to become Africa’s preferred energy company, pioneering the continent’s energy landscape.

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