Oil and Gas: ND Western’s Contribution to Africa’s Energy Sector

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We unravel the fascinating narrative of ND Western. As it forges a path for Africa’s burgeoning oil and gas sector, unlocking vast potentials in its wake.

In an exclusive interview, we delve into the remarkable journey of Engr. Eberechukwu Oji, the Chief Executive Officer of ND Western. As he garners accolades for his exemplary leadership. And transformative contributions to meeting Africa’s crucial energy demands. Conversing with the esteemed African Leadership Magazine, he expounds on the organization’s core emphasis on fostering strong connections with its stakeholders. Adroitly prioritizing the welfare of their staff, ND Western stands at the pinnacle of excellence. Offering unparalleled services and products in the industry, both locally and on the international stage.

Venturing beyond the horizon, the company’s commitment to Africa’s energy needs remains unwavering. Reaching far and wide to ameliorate the continent’s energy scarcity.

An inspiring display of corporate social responsibility unfolds as ND Western extends its impact to the surrounding community. Through the establishment of a cutting-edge medical facility, catering to the healthcare needs of countless individuals throughout its existence.

“In ND Western, the sanctity of humanity holds utmost importance. Nurturing our staff’s well-being with unwavering care while bestowing our clients with the epitome of service and products in the industry is our sacred mission. Furthermore, we actively engage in various community-focused initiatives, exemplified by our state-of-the-art laboratory, which has rendered invaluable aid to multitudes from distant and nearby locales.”

Such is the resounding ethos echoed within ND Western, an unwavering testament to their passion for uplifting lives and fostering progress within the community.

Embarking on a profound commitment to the future generation, ND Western extends its vision beyond Africa’s borders, kindling aspirations in aspiring individuals within the oil and gas industry, both within the continent and beyond.

In the fabric of Africa’s energy narrative, ND Western emerges as a beacon of hope, a validation of unwavering dedication, and a catalyst for change in the ever-evolving domain of energy and beyond. The tale of their triumphs resonates, encapsulating the spirit of progress and compassion that defines their indomitable journey

Exclusive Interview with The CEO of ND Western on Venturing into Oil and Gas

ALM: Kindly tell us about yourself and your professional journey.
CEO of ND Western: Eberechukwu Oji is my name. I am currently the MD and CEO of ND Western Limited. I resumed this role in March 2020. I received my MEng and BEng in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Benin and the Federal University of Technology, Owerri, respectively.
I received my Master’s in technology from Curtin University, Australia, and my MBA from Warwick University, UK. I started my career as an engineer with Royal Dutch Shell, and I have worked in different facets of the oil and gas industry for over 25 years and am still working.
ALM: With over 25 years of experience in the oil and gas sector, what are your achievements and contributions to the growth of Nigeria’s energy sector?

CEO of ND Western: Prior to joining ND Western, I worked as Chief Operation Officer (COO), Exploration and Production Oil and Gas Accountability. From Reservoir to Export Operations, with Neconde Energy Limited. Upstream and Midstream Oil & Gas Senior Executive Leadership and Operations Management of the Nigerian Liquified Natural Gas (NLNG) Plant are accountable for Train 6 Operations.

ALM: Apart from joining ND Western, what other fields of experience do you have? Kindly mention them and how they have positively impacted you, the company, Nigeria, and Africa.

CEO of ND Western: I have worked with Shell in different facets globally. Including with Shell companies in Nigeria and Gabon as Regional Discipline Manager. I was an asset manager for SPDC Central Hub Asset. Which has 1.2 Bscf/d of gas production and 50 kbpd of oil production facilities. I handled a lot of projects for Shell as Operations Readiness Lead for Offshore, Maintenance, HSE, and Logistics in the Kashagan Project, Kazakhstan. Managed major projects in the Netherlands, UK, Norway, Singapore, Australia, the United States, etc.

 Philanthropic Efforts Beyond the Energy Sector

ALM: In 2022, under your management, one of the most reliable, convenient, and friendliest COVID-19 and blood testing services and other critical medical diagnostic services for hospitals, HMOs, corporations, and individuals in Warri, Delta State, and its neighbouring states was commissioned. What informed your decision, and how has the initiative served society?

CEO of ND Western: The year 2020 was a tough period globally for individuals and organisations. However, at ND Western, we value our people and maintain high HSSE standards. So, we were swift in making key decisions to support our workforce and not jeopardise our operations.

We also decided to do a bit of research and consultation on the challenges people face in Delta State and other neighbouring states in terms of access to quality and affordable COVID-19 tests and other molecular laboratory tests. Most especially, we considered the turnaround time for clients to get their results. This created the birth of ‘DeltaPlus Diagnostic Laboratory’ in RA Shell Housing Estate Ogunnu, Warri.

Since commissioning last year, the laboratory has carried out over 1,200 laboratory tests and attended to over 170 patients.

 Contributions to SMEs, Agriculture, and Education Sectors

ALM: As an astute professional, accomplished administrator, and great team leader with passion for “made in Nigeria” products, what support has ND Western given to promote the SMEs, agriculture, and education sectors in order to skyrocket productivity in Nigeria?

CEO of ND Western: The most important thing to say about local content is that we are local content. ND Western gives out an average of 400 contracts within two to three years to local Nigerian companies. It is a great credit to us that for all the services we need, we can find indigenous companies to provide them.

In terms of CSR, we are big on CSR beyond just SMEs, agriculture, and the education sectors; we also support the film industry, the health sector, and the sport sector. In October 2021, we commissioned the Professor Oyawoye E-Library in the Department of Geology, University of Ibadan. We support our host communities in numerous ways, from the construction of road infrastructure to academic scholarships.

We support our host community youths in sports through the ‘Making of Champions’ athletics tournament, where we have sponsored identified talents to study in the United States on scholarship for over 5 years. We have supported SMEs through our SME training programmes.

Numbers That Matter in the Oil and Gas Industry

CEO of ND Western: We have a good fortune inherited from Shell. A large training facility built by Shell and used to run intensive training programmes (SITP). We have committed ourselves to revamping this programme. And are motivated to do so as we see that there is a dire need to train young technical professionals.

ALM: One of the mandates of ND Western is to effectively and prudently produce oil and gas and deliver value to people and shareholders as a world-class energy company. While trying to maintain this standard, what are the challenges in realising these mandates, and how have you been able to conquer them?

CEO of ND Western: Looking at what we have achieved in the last 10 years of acquiring our asset, we have taken our oil production from 8 kbpd to 22 kbpd. With peak production at 27 kbpd, and our gas production from 220 mmscfd to 350 mmscfd, with peak production at 385 mmscfd.

We deliver 90% of our gas to the Domgas market, with 50% supplied to the power sector and 30-45% supplied to the other commercial gas off-takers. We also supply 10–12% of our gas to the West African Gas Pipeline (WAGP) to Ghana, Togo, and Benin. The challenges faced are more on the distribution lines. There is a need for a revamp of the ageing pipelines. And curbing crude theft and pipeline vandalism.

However, within our region of operations, we have been able to maintain a very good relationship with our host communities and security personnel for pipeline surveillance.

In line with our vision of becoming the energy company of choice in Africa, we have taken strides to becoming a fully integrated energy company. By having a stake in the entire value chain of the industry. From the upstream to midstream with the birth of “OPTIMERA” in partnership with Falcon Corp. And FHN to deliver gas within the LFTZ, and the downstream with the development of a 10,000 bpd refinery.

We have the Utorogu Industrial Park being developed to deliver gas to industries within 25 kilometres of the Utorogu gas processing plant. We are also looking at LNG and CNG opportunities that we want to develop in the long term.

African Energy Leadership Special Commendation Award

CEO of ND Western: Have we been effective and prudent in producing oil and gas and delivering value to people and our shareholders? I will say yes. Are we where we want to be? Not yet.

ALM: You have been conferred with the African Energy Leadership Special Commendation Award; how does this make you feel, and how does it affect your personality?

CEO of ND Western: Looking at those who have won this award, I am honoured and humbled to have been conferred with the African Energy Leadership Special Commendation Award. I would like to say thank you to the African Energy Leadership and Editorial Team for this. I would also like to thank you for your support thus far in creating the opportunity for brilliant minds to meet, engage, and develop pathways to enhance the growth of Africa’s energy industry. Thank you once more, and this is motivation to do more.

ALM: As a leader in the energy sector with loads of experience, what is your advice for young Africans?

CEO of ND Western: In the early part of their careers, young Africans should focus on acquiring deep technical knowledge of the industry and their chosen discipline. It is important to be professionally engaged and to keep learning and developing yourself. Until you achieve mastery over your discipline and trade.

Keep an eye on acquiring transferable skills that enable you to continuously contribute and deliver value to the industry.

It is important to remain focused, diligent, and persistent and to build an excellent work ethic. These are the ingredients for building and sustaining an outstanding career.

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