Ala Atubokiki Ibanibo is a man who has cut his teeth in international business with several laurels to show for it. Although these successes are not without the scars of the burns and briers of life, the dynamics of his story gladdens a willing heart – a heart that believes in the inevitability of success, if grit and passion are combined in a dutiful course.

The days of his modest beginning birthed a full appreciation of the uphill tasks and rigorous paths of small businesses. As a well-bred and experienced sojourner in this path, he has concerned himself with the harnessing of the demands, growths, and financing of these start-ups that are stationed strategically to harp on the benevolence and graces of forerunners and mature entrepreneurs to succeed. As a trainer and coach, it has availed him of the veritable and timely lessons of delivering solutions borne out of years of hands-on and firsthand experience to generations of businesses within his purview, as well as those who solicit from afar.

His philanthropic gestures speaks of his sole quest in an inchoate entrepreneurial society like his home country – Nigeria – where several training is focused on raising the next generation of businessmen that will bring transformation to a continent that has been seen as lagging behind in the events of development. Consequent upon his decision to take upon solution-driven tasks which have come to the spotlights not just for their popularity, but for the profound impact which have been recorded by participants and observers, he backed it up with an incentivized model of supporting businesses.

What everyone testifies is the efficacy of these ventures. Sustainability is a core feature of lack in the development of growing business. His experiences inform the didactic style of coaching these business operators. Daunting but very carefully thought-out, Dr Ibanibo has pledged to an uncommon vision of coaching through mentor and most importantly, the provision of financial support for ten thousand (10,000) businesses over a ten-year tenure, through the platform of Global Life-Track Resources Centre (GLTRC) —- one thousand per annum.

The Global Life-Track Resources Centre’s flag-off billed to provide zero-interest loans to these start-ups. The significance of this rings true by a cursory look at the country’s strict monetary policies like the interest rates and the lending rate. Seed capital for start-ups is almost granted in rations, making them inaccessible. His experience as a fellow of the Institute of cost and management accountants of Nigeria might play a leading role for the foundation on areas to strengthen small businesses, but nothing is more laudatory than this concern for those whose nuts have not been cracked by a benevolent god. In his words, “Global Life Track Resources Centre is an intervention program and has helped several men and women who had lost hope to come back to their feet. This is only achievable because I have been through the same experiences like them and nurtured myself up without giving up. So I do not give what I don’t have but I share what I have been through and also know how it works.”

One of the reasons why this desire for a mentoring program came up was the proliferation of many sham business coaches, who claim bona fides in seeing businesses grow when they’ve not built any business that is scalable let alone sustainable.

Aside his wealth of knowledge and experience in building business, he has the academic credentials of The Centre for Management Development, Shangisha, Lagos, Lagos business School OMP 8, CWC School of Gas & Energy, Mini MBA Houston, Texas, General Management Programme of Harvard Business School, The CSEP programme of Columbia Business School, New York. Dr Ala A. Ibanibo is a much sought after speaker, mentor, business coach, a renowned global business development expert, and holds an Honorary Doctorate Degree in Business Management from the Pilgrim University of Burlington NC, USA.