Mozambique’s latest cinematic offering, ‘Redemption’, is set in the heart of Maputo, the country’s capital, and tells a story of a young ex-convict Bruno Pereira.

It took Mahla Films, a local production company, 10 years to gather the resources to make the film.

Producers like Mahla, have to raise money for their creative projects from NGO documentaries or commercials for product brands. The movie’s budget was $350,000USD sourced from crowdfunding and Mahla Films own funds which Fonseca says was used to buy equipment and cover all production costs.

The movie is currently showing in Mozambique’s three cinemas and ‘Redemption’ will be travelling to Germany to be screened at the Africa Film Festival.

Analysts say that if properly resourced, Mozambique’s filmmakers could prosper from catering to Africa’s considerable Lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) market which is estimated at well over 250 million viewers.