Nigeria’s Federal Government has concluded plans to engage consultants from Malaysia to help Nigeria build her economic capacity.

The consultants are to conduct a study that would aid the implementation of the National Economic Recovery and Growth Plan (ERGP), as well as identify relevant stakeholders in the private and public sectors for the implementation of the ERGP.

Sen. Udoma Udo Udoma, the minister of budgeting and planning was quoted as saying “This is part of our implementation strategy for the economic recovery and growth plan and so we intend to conduct three labs – one in agriculture and transportation, one in power and gas and one in manufacturing and processing. The key objectives of the labs are as follows. One to identify all relevant key stakeholders from the public and private sector that are crucial in the delivery and implementation of the ERGP initiative so as to create ownership early on in the development process.”

He added that the ERGP will be reviewed and re-evaluated against set targets and progress and will include identifying gaps in the current ecosystem and the key success factors.