Nigeria: Firm to Unveil Eco-friendly Products

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Innoville Innovation, Nigerian firm has announced plans to unveil new products of the company which would be a huge milestone in the automobile industry.
The company’s President, Mr Daysman Oyakhilome-Woghiren said in a briefing that the automobiles will run on battery rather fuel, this is in line with the company’s aim to promote renewable energy in the country.
He add during the briefing in the country’s capital that technology is an opportunity to invest and give back to the country.
Other self-powered vehicles like the fuel-less generator and an improved version of a solar power generating panel will be released to the public later in the year. The firm also has a mobile application which will also be made public.
In an earlier statement, Executive Managing Director, Innoville Technologies, Mr. Michael Friday, described the technology as such that could power both automobile and individual homes, thereby reducing cost and increasing efficiency.
“It may tickle some people’s ear that can a technology come to be without relying on external power source to generate energy or power itself, but I want to tell you that we have succeeded in developing this 110 per cent if there is anything of such,” he said.
Friday stated: We are set to release into the market, a vehicle you will drive around, not just that but as you drive around, and you are generating the energy that will sustain you to next day. You can as well disconnect your house from the national grid and connect to your vehicle which takes over the power till day break,” he said.
He noted that a new mobile application developed by the firm would be unveiled before month end, while the power generating system to be launched and tricycle is expected to run 100 per cent without fuel and external power source.

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