Following the visit of Yousafzai Malala to Nigeria Monday, the young activist called for a state of emergency in the nation’s educational sector which according to her should be a priority.

She said this while delivering her speech after she had been welcomed by the country’s acting president Yemi Osinbajo.

She also pushes for more awareness for the recently released Chibok girls whom she met on Monday and appeals for the release of the remaining girls who are still held bound in the Boko haram net.

Malala, who became the U.N. Messenger of Peace to promote girls’ education, has taken her job to different parts of the world ensuring that the girl-child is given the freedom of learning.

While addressing the press at the end of the opening ceremony she said: “They are happy to work more on education. We are also happy to hear a positive response from the minister as well in ensuring that education is prioritized.”