The Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC) has recently revealed new steps towards developing the country’s tourism sector. The Corporation has developed a unique brand roadmap for showcasing the country’s tourism assets. The motive is to promote the places, natural and cultural tourism assets using the roadmap as the marketing tool.

According to Mr. Folorunsho Folarin-Coker, the Director-General of the NTDC, “The brand is an ambitious attempt at promoting tourism in Nigeria that aims to shape the narrative on Nigeria as a major destination for tourism, hospitality, arts and entertainment in Africa.”

The “Tour Nigeria” brand was conceived to drive domestic consumption of Nigeria’s tourism products, create new tourism markets, add to the nation’s GDP, create employment, and increase spending in the economy.

“We are proudly the most populous black nation on Earth, home to the second largest film industry on the globe whilst also being the fashion, technological and creative hub in Africa. In view of this, the corporation is also considering to affect other areas that are joined with tourism such as travel, accommodation, hospitality, entertainment, airlines, hotels, car hire services, tour operators and a few others to improve their packages and make it quite affordable for Nigerians.”

It is believed that this roadmap will improve the tourism sector’s input to the economy and quench the thirst of tourism lovers in the country and outside the country.