In order to enhance and boost women’s participation in socio-economic activities, Malawi’s UTM Party has launched ‘Women for Change, an initiative that brought together a grouping of business and employed ladies at a colorful event in Mwanza.

The National Team Leader of the initiative, Licy Kamwendo, speaking at the event, recognized the hard work of women in Mwanza and Neno, pointing out their collective passion to see their lives change through associating themselves with the group. She noted that the initiative is done with an aim to enable women to climb society’s ladder of leadership.

“The aim of the initiative is to see women rise up and take their positions in every aspect of social and economic issues.

“We want women to be respected, women should have a political stand, women should contribute to their families and their communities, women should take part in ending gender-based violence, women should fight for girls’ rights and also look after people living with disabilities,” she said.

Encouraging women to be models of change in Mwanza and Neno, UTM Director for Women for the Southern Region, Loyce Mponda, was the Guest Speaker at the function. She appreciated the activities of the party saying:

“UTM party is building on making women independent, excel in their businesses and be role models and this grouping should strive to be developed on these tenets”

She added that the Women for a Change initiative is affiliated to UTM with an objective to help women assess life-changing business concepts and be socially and economically independent.