Cameroon’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Gabriel Mbairobe, has stated the government’s commitment to stand by the Upper Nun Valley Development Authority (UNVDA) Ndop to enhance and improve the production of rice.

The Minister, visiting the region, announced the imminent planting of a Rice Processing Unit in the agro-industry to begin an implementation process that will put the government’s intention to action to help in the production and efforts to ensure food security and enhance the livelihood of farmers.

Minister Mbairobe encouraged the staff of the UNVDA agro-industry and rice farmers who courageously turn full circle in the face of ongoing socio-political and security challenges to work towards providing food for the nation, boosting their morale with an announcement on the imminent acquisition of more tractors and the continuous subsidization of farm inputs to give a chance for increased rice production.

The General Manager of UNVDA Ndop, Eric Andangfung, expressed gratitude on behalf of the agro-industry while he took the Minister on tour through Ngwen rice fields, irrigation canals, seed farms, some bridges constructed by UNVDA, roads rehabilitated to facilitate farming activities, rice Hulling Mill/Paddy Warehouse and rehabilitated UNVDA structures.

With a staff strength of 157, the UNVDA has carried out impressive tasks in recent times, defying security challenges to build and develop some 460 hectares of rice farms, bridges, rehabilitate farm roads, construct irrigation canals, Mini Dams, Box culverts, etc. The government’s efforts will go a long way in helping achieve their plans towards increased production.