The Peoples Bank of Zanzibar (PBZ Bank) has entered into a partnership with Airtel Tanzania to provide an innovative service on money transactions aimed at bringing financial services closer to customers across the country at any time. In an implementation, the terms of the partnership with Airtel will enable customers of the Bank to make money transactions in an easy way without being at the bank physically.

The Managing Director of the Peoples Bank of Zanzibar (PBZ Bank), Dr. Muhsin Salim Masoud, commenting on the Partnership, noted that the bank’s approach is to create an avenue for customers to operate their transactions easily and be served in a more affordable and better way.

PBZ Bank and Airtel Money agents are expected to meet the needs of customers as frontline workers to ensure they are able to perform their money transactions in easy and safe steps. The inclusivity of the service also allows Airtel Money agents who are customers of the PBZ Bank to transfer money from the Airtel Money account to PBZ Bank and vice versa.

Airtel Money Director, Isaack Nchunda, referring to the Partnership noted that it will make the customers of the network provider in Zanzibar and other parts of the country get banking services easily.

‘I can upon our Airtel Money customers and agents to make use of this opportunity as it is safe, affordable, and convenient.

‘We understand that our Airtel Money agents are business people just like any other who need cash flow every time. By launching partnerships, will ensure them they have money at all times and this will lead to world-class service to our loyal customers, Nchunda said adding that we believe that our partnership will boost the government agenda of financial inclusion in the country he said.