Pres. Weah Sets Up Minimum Wage Board

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In a bid to address decent work conditions for the workforce of Liberia, the Minister of Labour, Cllr. Charles H. Gibson has been appointed chairman of the Minimum Wage Board.

President George M. Weah, constituted the Minimum Wage Board on Monday, appointing the Labour Minister and four other members.

Other Labour sector actors President Weah appointed to the Minimum Wage Board as Members include Prof. Geegbae A. Geegbae, Cllr. C. Alexander Zoe, Madam Theresa Viskanda, and Mr Charles E. Collins. According to the Decent Work Act, the Minister of Labour who chairs the Board (MW), shall have the power to appoint a staff of the Ministry to serve as Secretary to the Board.

This development now paves the way for workers covered under the Decent Work Act of June 2015, to earn wages suitable to their various work descriptions at different service areas and or lines of duty.

Responding to President Weah’s move, Labour Minister Gibson averred that the action taken by the Chief Executive came at no better time than now. He added that the issue of having a workforce that earns just and fair benefits for their skill-set and labour being provided by employers is beyond measure.

Minister Gibson said, now that the Board is in full strength, workers across Liberia can rest assured that he and his members will work around the clock to provide decent conditions for them by determining a reasonable rate as the minimum wage which employers will adhere to in order to keep the economy vibrant.

Section 8.5.1 mandates the President of the Republic of Liberia to constitute a Minimum Wage Board, with a recommendation from the National Tripartite Council. Every Member of the Board serves a five-year tenure, and shall not serve more than two terms.

The recommendation order of the Minimum Wage Board takes effect after it is printed in the official Gazette of the Republic of Liberia, enshrined in the Decent Work Act of June 2015.

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