President Adama Barrow & Economic Progress in The Gambia

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The President of the Republic of the Gambia, Adama Barrow, has described the journey towards the end of the present administration governing the country as one ending on a ‘very high note’.

In an exclusive interview with African Leadership Magazine, Barrow disclosed that the government had set out with a mindset to carry out projects that would improve the lives and welfare of citizens in the Gambia. He expressed solid hope at ending on a positive note as his government had, since inception, committed itself to see the development of the country, which is described as the smallest within mainland Africa.

President Barrow pointed to the administration’s zeal at improving the lives of Gambians as it brings to fruition specific projects that have only been discussed for over 50 to 60 years. Notable projects include the OMVG electrical substation, which he called a gamechanger for Gambians and the ongoing construction of over 20 health facilities across the country. He stated ongoing efforts at construction on different roads across the country, which culminate in contracts covering over 300 kilometres. In addition, he mentioned the OIC road projects, which would provide the Gambia with its first flyover bridges.

Commenting on the economy, Barrow noted the progress achieved under the current administration, which has seen tremendous growth and development in no small measure.

“Our economy was growing between 1 to 2 percent. It was struggling. Today, we are growing at 6.1 percent. If you look at the treasury bills, when I came, interest rates were at 23 percent. Today, interest rates are at 4 percent. Commercial banks were lending at 30 percent. Today, they are lending between 15 to 16 percent.

Barrow noted that the present administration has increased collection by over 100 percent, pointing to state resources as the source of primary funding for most projects. He noted that a key mandate of his government has been to manage national resources well, enough to create a meaningful impact in the lives of citizens in the Gambia. With the Presidential elections by the corner (to hold on the 4th of December, 2021), the close of the present tenure marks a successful end to the dramatic circumstances that saw Barrow ascend the Presidency of the Republic after fending off stiff opposition and being sworn in twice.

Follow this link to watch the exclusive interview of African Leadership Magazine with President Adama Barrow of the Republic of The Gambia:

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