President Muhammadu Buhari has saluted elder statesman and political stalwart, Pa Ayorinde Fasanmi, as he turns 93 years on September 27, 2018.

President Buhari in a statement by his special adviser media, Femi Adesina joins family members, friends and political associates of the nationalist in sharing in the joy of the moment, which has been heralded by the grace of good old age, the blessings of wisdom and unusual strength and interest in serving the nation.

At 93, the President affirmed that Pa Fasanmi demonstrates uncommon strength and wisdom enjoyed only by a few people of his age, noting that his knowledge, experience and regular counsels to governments have been a major pillar for the stability of the country.

He said “President Buhari believes the elder statesman’s legacy of always seeking the good of the country and all Nigerians through sacrifice of personal interest, forthrightness, diligence and broadmindedness are benchmarks for upcoming political leaders”.

“The President prays that the almighty God will continue to bless Pa Fasanmi with longer life, good health and strength to keep serving the country he loves so much”.