· French leader Emmanuel Macron visits Africa to attend the European Union and the European Union summit in Abidjan centred on the youth after which he will be visiting Ghana before returning to France.

· Emmanuel Macron referred to Africa as the continent of the future.

· During this visit to Africa, Macron hopes that his trip will change the mind of Africans about French intentions towards Africa.

The European Union and African Union summit in Abidjan has its theme centred on the youths because of the importance of young people in every society. The summit’s aim is to provide a better society for the African youth.

President Macron will make a speech to students at a university, visit schools and tour West Africa’s largest solar power park to mark his commitment to preserving the planet for future generations. Says the Elysee.

Macron’s visit to Ghana may suggest that he wants to do things differently because it is neither a former French colony nor is it francophone it’s a dynamic, innovative democracy.