The President of Burundi, Evariste Ndashimiye, has called on investors from Kenya to consider expanding their footprint in his country as new business mechanisms have been adopted by the government to promote and provide ease of doing business in the country.

President Ndashimiwe who was in Kenya as a Guest of Honour for the 58th Madaraka day celebrations disclosed to investors that this would be the right time to take advantage of the opportunities presented to them by Burundi’s government compared to waiting for two or three years.

“This visit is a good opportunity to invite Kenyan investors to increase their investments in Burundi, our country is ready for foreign investment and we believe that now is the right time to so,” he said.

Possible areas of investment which Kenyan investors can key into spread across several sectors such as Agriculture, Infrastructure, Services, Health, Education, Energy, Mining, Transport, Tourism, Banking, ICT, among others.

As part of his visit, President Ndashimiwe held talks with President Uhuru Kenyatta on strategic cooperation between Kenya and Burundi which centered on strengthening and deepening bilateral relations between the two countries, while both Presidents oversaw the signing of cooperation agreements on Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, trade as well as to people-to-people relations.