Recent reports have shown that African parliaments have begun to exert greater influence on the governance of their countries in recent years. While African parliaments are now more effective at shaping legislation, monitoring and challenging the executive, and representing citizens’ views, huge challenges remain. Needless to say, African parliaments face acute challenges. Insufficient constitutional and other provisions continue to constrain parliaments. Even when they enjoy robust powers on papers, the political realities inside and outside parliaments mean that parliaments regularly fail to exercise their duties. In the same vein, African parliaments also face problems of institutional capacity, in terms of the available resources, expertise and facilities also loom large. Many lack formal powers and agreed on clear procedures, as well as incentive structures to encourage members and parliamentary officers to exercise their responsibilities.

In light of this, this Masterclass, with a focus on Parliamentary Processes, Policy Planning and Research for Effective Parliamentary Accountability and Oversight, offers unique opportunities, peer-to-peer learning and networking, as well as sharing of best practises in strengthening parliamentary performance and providing effective parliamentarian accountability and oversight functions by taking advantage of the distinguished experience and vast knowledge of members of the Georgia General Assembly, in addition to the sessions with seasoned facilitators and speakers.

The itinerary for this 6-day programme is as follows:

Day 1 (1st December 2019): Arrival
Day 2 & 3 (2nd – 3rd December 2019): Public Leadership Development Masterclass with seasoned facilitators and speakers.
Day 4 (4th December 2019): Knowledge Exchange Session with members of the Georgia Assembly.
Day 5 (5th December 2019): Visit to Medshare Atlanta/ Courtesy Visit to the Georgia State Governor & Conferment of Congressional Commendation at the Georgia State Capitol, Atlanta.
Day 6 (6th December 2019): Departure.