Reboot of Wuhan Gives Hope to Beat Coronavirus – Chu Maoming

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After two months living with draconian curbs on daily life, residents are allowed to leave Hubei from midnight Tuesday March 24 if healthy, while Wuhan city, the initial epicenter of the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, will end restrictions from Wednesday April 8. People who wish to travel in or out of Hubei or Wuhan will be able to as long as they have a “green” health code issued by authorities.

This shows that the Chinese government and people have made remarkable achievements in epidemic prevention and control with strenuous efforts and enormous sacrifices. The positive progress that China has achieved in the fight against COVID-19 has once again demonstrated the strength of President Xi Jinping’s wise leadership and the solidarity of the great Chinese people. China will prevail over the epidemic and will grow ever stronger.

After the outbreak, China has made all-out efforts in epidemic prevention and control, effectively fending off the “first wave” of the virus and earning time for the world to enhance preparedness. At present, China has stepped out of the most arduous stage. During the fight, the international community provided support and help, which Chinese people will never forget.

As the shadow of the coronavirus widens in the world, it is high time for all countries to come together in response to the crisis that concerns the shared future of humanity.

As of the time when this article is written, Lagos State has confirmed 30 cases of Covid-19 with one death. I extend sincere sympathies to the Lagos state government and people over their fight against the coronavirus disease.

China did not and will not stand aside when the crisis is causing human suffering, slowing the global economy, and upending people’s lives. China believes that solidarity and cooperation are the most powerful weapons.

China has extended a helping hand to many countries in need with Nigeria included in the global fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, putting into practice how a world community works towards a shared future, especially in achieving common health for mankind. My country has quickly shared her diagnostic and therapeutic experience with the WHO and other countries. The Chinese government has so far announced providing assistance to 82 countries, the WHO and the African Union. Chinese health experts have held video conferences with their counterparts from many countries and international organizations. Chinese local governments, enterprises and civil organizations are also making donations to countries affected.

While giving helping hands to the countries in need, China is also striving to resume production and work. The accelerated development of the “world factory” is boosting world confidence to face up to the risk of economic recession. China has the world’s largest and most comprehensive manufacturing system. In particular, the country’s recovery of production will provide support for the global industrial and supply chains of medical supplies to ease the dire shortage in many countries.

My consulate general and the local Chinese community are mobilized and enthusiastic to make donations either in cash or medical stuff to jointly fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Working together, I believe, Nigeria and China will be able to write a new chapter in the history of how we have fearlessly battled to defend humanity and won. Together with the Chinese community in greater Lagos area, my consulate general is willing to continue to provide support and assistance within our capacity for the Nigerian government and people.

The Chinese government attaches great importance to protecting the health and safety of Chinese citizens overseas. I am expecting that Lagos and other states will take concrete and effective measures in safeguarding the health, safety and legitimate rights of Chinese nationals on its soil.

I am of full confidence that under the strong leadership of the federal and state governments, Nigeria will surely win the battle and prevail over the pandemic tomorrow.

After all, tomorrow is another day!

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