Rolls Royce Extends Business Into Nigerian Market

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British luxury automaker Rolls Royce Motor Cars will extend its business into Nigeria by partnering with local auto dealer Coscharis Motors and opening an ultra-modern showroom and workshop for its clients.

Rolls Royce top officials, Geoff Briscoe, Managing Director, Rolls Royce Middle East, Africa and Latin America and Ayman Ghanem, Regional General Manager, Rolls Royce Africa were in Nigeria recently to oversee the progress of the work done and ensure it was on schedule.

The luxury automaker has a dedicated franchise in Nigeria since there are about 150 Rolls Royce units in the country that have no access to proper after-sales service and maintenance, an official statement read.

Coscharis was the preferred choice because it specialized in luxury cars and has a reputation and attitude towards its clients that appealed to the company

“We decided it was time we should be in this market and we are really thrilled to have Coscharis as partners here,” Briscoe stated.

The car, which is custom-built to fit the needs of the buyer, ranges from $300,000 to $500,000 and will most likely vary based on request of special features. This validates the fact that it is for an exclusive class of people who value luxury and see a need to distinguish themselves.

For some, acquiring a Rolls Royce is extravagant but for others, it is an investment of a lifetime. With pre-orders already coming in by word-of-mouth even before the opening of the showroom, it indicates that some class of people consider it a worth investment

But in a country like Nigeria with bad roads and a different climate from that of countries in the temperate region,a significant amount would be required to maintaining a Rolls Royce.

Briscoe however put this argument to rest, stating that: “Part of our success is that we build cars that are very unique for the region. What we will do is to build special cars that are relevant for Nigeria that will take the weather and roads into consideration.”

For Coscharis, the franchise is another milestone that sets the company apart from other indigenous automobile companies.

“We will continue to set standards and when others try to catch up, we bring in something new. But it looks like we are the climax now because I don’t know where we will go after the Rolls Royce,” Cosmos Maduka, President of Coscharis Group said.

This partnership is another indication that top global companies are continuously looking to Africa’s emerging economies as a viable market, with Nigeria earmarked as a major luxury goods consumer.

However, for those looking to acquire a Rolls Royce in the country, perhaps a comprehensive insurance package will be a wise decision since it will indemnify the investment.

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