Based on the decision of the Rwandan government to reduce the rate of cancer mortality by 10 percent by 2021, measures are been put in place such as acquiring relevant infrastructure and training Rwandan doctors in oncology.

According to Rwandan state minister for health Patrick Ndimubanzi, the government has braced up to tackle challenges of chronic and non-communicable diseases, that affect citizens of the country which poses a threat to general lifestyle.

In order to achieve this aim, the government’s strategies include decentralization of cancer and non-communicable diseases services, mass awareness campaigns on healthy lifestyles and offering high-risk groups free hepatitis B vaccination to prevent liver cancer.

Also, as part of the effort towards achieving their perspective, two Rwandans have been sent to Ghana to study medical physics to be able to run radiotherapy machines in Rwanda while others are studying in Tanzania and Kenya, said minister Ndimubanzi.