Rwanda: Varsity Students Urged to Invest in Shares

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The Students in higher institutions of learning and youth in Rwanda have recently been urged to save and invest on the local stock market to secure their financial future.

Capital Market Authority (CMA) Rwanda, has said that the stock market provides students and other youth many investment opportunities that could help them strengthen their savings, which they can use to start enterprises after completing university.

The Public Relations Officer of Capital Market Authority (CMA), Magnifique Migisha, while addressing the University of Tourism, Technology and Business at the college campus in Remera, Kicukiro District said, it is essential for the youth to plan for their financial future, noting that the stock exchange provides investment vehicles they can be use to achieve this objective.

He assured the students that the exchange welcomes small savers, like students and other youth, to buy shares in the firms listed on the bourse. This is part of CMA’s national outreach programme targeting university students to encourage them invest on the nation’s capital market.

Also speaking at the event, Isaac Nkusi, the Chief Executive Officer of Success through Perspective, a firm that teaches people to save and invest smartly, said youth can raise the small capital, like part of their pocket money, to buy a few shares consistently. “Eventually, you will be able to accumulate enough savings to invest in other ventures. People become rich not because of the amount of money they earn, but how they use the little money that makes the difference,” he said.

He added that it is important to build a generation of young investors that will continue to improve their savings and create more investments to support and develop the economy.


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