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Mr Adetutu Stephen Oniya is one of Africa’s fast-rising Tech moguls and the CEO/Founder of Softcity Ltd. Mr. Oniya is a highly experienced digital expert and a computer scientist with over 15 + years of experience providing businesses and conglomerates with technology solutions. He is well-read and vast in knowledge pertaining to automation and digitalized processes.

Softcity is a Tech-based organization that provides web and mobile application design and development, social media marketing and engineering, cyber vulnerability testing and protection. Softcity Ltd has been cheered for providing tailor suit and industry-specific solutions to its client. Being a locally founded yet internationally established business shows that Africa has the potential and ability to drive tremendous breakthroughs and innovation in the science and technology industry at globally acceptable standards. The solutions offered by Softcity is geared towards creating a more integrated and seamless approach to business operations and data protection in the workplace.

In an email interview with our editor, Mr Oniya throws some light on his business and the choices that informed him to get into the technology business.

We already have an idea of who you are. But for people who will read this, can you tell us about yourself?

I am Adetutu Stephen Oniya, a computer scientist with expert knowledge of implementing software solutions and integrating hardware components.

I am the Founder and CEO of Softcity Group, a 13 years old technology company headquartered in Nigeria, with a focus on enterprise and mid-level market solutions. We also give special attention to startups with ideas that need technology to scale and evolve.

I am a Chartered Information Technology Professional with proven expertise in software development, data science, security, networked systems and more.

I am a member of the IEEE computational intelligence society, a professional member of the Association for Computing Machinery, a senior professional member of the Institute of Information Management (Africa), and a member of the Computer Professional Registration Council Nigeria.

In my 17 years computing career, I have led dynamic teams of technology professionals in implementing technology solutions for agencies and sectors in government, banking, and several other private institutions.

You had your first degree in pharmacy and decided to get a second degree in computer science. What a switch! What motivated you into making that choice of dropping the pharmaceutical world?

Because I know that is a big industry with a lot of opportunities. Great question here, I must state that I love the pharmacy industry and I will always love and appreciate the team of professionals that gave me the highest level of professional training I needed to build the foundation of my career.

My non-practice of the pharmacy profession is a decision to be a part of this great industry indirectly, not actually a complete abandon of this group of professionals. I simply pursued a more pressing interest that can allow me to contribute more to a wider sector of the evolving global work practice.

It is worthy of note that I have worked with some pharmacy departments in the government sector to automate processes and improve performance. I still consider myself a pharmacist, though I’ll rather be seen as a computer scientist.

Click HERE TO ACCESS THE FULL INTERVIEW on pages 43 – 47 of the March 2022 edition of the African Leadership Magazine.

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