An Al-Shabab training base has been destroyed by the Somali and US military forces in Somalia’s Middle Jubba region.

On Sunday, Somalia’s President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo said he has authorized the country’s special forces with support from international partners to conduct a pre-dawn strike against an Al-Shabab training camp near Sakow.

“We and our international partners will take every possible precaution to protect our civilian population from harm during these operations while targeting terrorists,” Farmajo said.

 Somali president reached out to the Al-Shabab group earlier on the 6th of April urging them to take advantage of his amnesty.

“To the members of Al-Shabab, I tell you that we are bringing the fight to you. If you, however, take advantage of my amnesty offer and denounce violence, we will integrate you into our reform program,” he said.

U.S. military participated in the attack against the Al-Shabab strike, killing eight Al-Shabab militants.

Dana W. White Pentagon Chief Spokesperson says the United States is “committed to working with our Somali partners and allies to systematically dismantle al-Shabab, and help achieve stability and security throughout the region.”

“You have no future with the terrorists, but you can still be a part of Somalia’s future; a peaceful and prosperous future.”

A source has reported that Al-Shabab has sealed off the area and are questioning people in an attempt to identify who may have collaborated with the operation.