In efforts to boost electricity supply in South Sudan, equipment has been installed at the newly built 100MW power plant in Juba with hopes that the electricity supply in that area will increase from the current 1% to 21% by 2020.

Electricity is an essential factor to living, therefore promoting the electricity industry will certainly be a means of economy development.

Mr. Dhieu Mathok Diing Wol, South Sudan Minister of Energy and Dams released informaion about the installation and said that the 100MW would bridge the country’s 500MW gap, which is needed to bolster electricity supply.

“The total demand according to the 2012 power assessment was 500MW. The construction of this 100MW will close that gap and raise electricity access to 21%,” he said.

According to Minister Wol, the new plant will also help ease the region’s dependency on heavy fuel, currently there are 5,000 generators operating day and night in Juba consuming eight million litres of fuel.