The South Sudanese Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning on Tuesday launched a 3-year strategic plan for national development.

Vice president James Wani Igga who officially launched the South Sudan National Development Strategy, said the plan is a guide for collective investments meant to consolidate peace and stabilize the economy.

He said the strategy will contribute to infrastructure development and service delivery across the country and called on the state governors to streamline all states’ development plans with the national plan.

“I want to address the governors in particular. Development and service delivery takes place at the community level. Therefore you are required to align your own investments in the states, counties, Payams, and Bomas in the 3 years to the National Development Strategy. You are expected to articulate your own state plans which communicate and reflect priority at the state level which are aligned to this National Development Strategy,” he said.

He further said the strategy clearly identifies the goals, objectives, and priorities of the country and will guide the actions of all stakeholders.

Igga further urged the ministry to develop an inclusive framework for partnership cooperation to serve as a tool for accountability to the national development strategy.

The Vice President further called on all peace partners to support the implementation of the revitalized agreement.

The launch was attended by members of the diplomatic corps, government officials, civil society members among others.