Image: IPYG

The youths in South Sudan recently organized a peace concert in support of the women in the country. The event was geared towards formulating an approach that will put an end to the spate of gender violence in South Sudan.

According to the initiators of the event, the motive behind the concert was to remind the country of the important role that women play in supporting their families and in building peace.

The event was sponsored by the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) and it featured dances, songs, and stage plays. These were used as a medium to communicate the challenges that women and youth of South Sudan are faced with.

Kwame Dwamena, the head of United Nations Mission in South Sudan field office in Rumbek said “We would all agree that without peace, we cannot develop. Without peace, the children cannot be educated. Without peace, we cannot go to the farms to be able to provide food for ourselves and on the table. So it is my prayer that the government can continue to promote peace,”

Rachael Agum Kuc the chairwoman of the General Women’s Association, said “Through us women, peace can come, because we are the peacemakers. In the houses we are the ones who are now taking care of our children – we are taking care of our husbands. The fighting is killing our neighbours. So we have to be careful and we have to be out of the conflict.”