African digital TV operator StarTimes in partnership with SMIT, a global security device provider will launch and promote CI Plus 1.3 Conditional Access Modules (CAMs) with the operator profile function to African markets.

CAM is an electronic device that meets the DVB CI and CI Plus standards, which is plugged directly into the television set to decrypt Pay-TV services. When inserting the CAM into the CI plus slot, end-users can receive Pay-TV services without an extra Set-Top Box or remote control. It’s a new type of product which brings users into a cable-less and energy-saving lifestyle.

The Chipset paring feature of this CI Plus 1.3 CAM effectively enhances the performance, security, and reliability of the CAM. End-users can easily experience a personalized channel list customized for StarTimes, which is more efficient and user friendly, by using the CI Plus operator profile function.

“SMIT is our competent and reliable CAM Supplier. With the launch of the first CI Plus 1.3 CAM in Africa, StarTimes once again shows our powerful leading market position with constant technical-innovation and reformation in the African Pay-TV industry. The operator profile function makes StarTimes’ premium programs stand out from the current fiercely competitive markets in our fast-paced and continuous expansion in Pan-Africa countries.” commented by Daniel Ge, General Manager of Terminal Business, StarTimes.

“We are delighted to cooperate with StarTimes to launch the new CI Plus 1.3 CAM supporting Operator Profile on the African market. The CAM with a customized channel list brings a high quality viewing experience on TV to subscribers, thus StarTimes has more choices of product varieties to deploy their services.” said Bingyu Xiang, General Manager of CAM products, SMIT.