A remarkable pledge has been made to the women of Konondoni and Temeke districts in Tanzania by the AMSONS Group of Companies who have promised to build two modern women’s ward at Mwananyamala and Temeke hospitals in addition to the new ward at Amana hospital, in order to support the government’s endeavours towards social development.

The pledge was made by the AMSONS Group Director, Edha Nahdi, as an addition to the newly constructed modern women’s ward in Amana Hospital built by the Amsons Group at a cost of 1.2bn/-.

According to the Director, these wards are the company’s Cooperate Social Responsibility to the public, in order to provide expectant mothers with safe and healthy delivery conditions, thereby promoting positive changes in the country.

“AMSONS Group, through its companies Camel Oil, Camel Cement, Camel Flour, Camel Concrete, CAM Gas and others would like to support government efforts in health sector especially focusing on expectant mothers who pass through hardship during delivery time.”.

He therefore encouraged the society to embrace the needs of pregnant women and create solutions that will help women deliver in a good condition.

He called for a joint and national effort towards the construction of good and modern wards all over the country so as to promote safe delivery of all waiting mothers.

“We want expectant mothers to be happy during delivery so such modern wards must be available in many hospitals all over the country”.

“We stakeholders from private sector must work hand in hand with the government to make sure this dream comes true… .We must ensure that expectant mothers are happy and comfortable during their time to deliver ,” emphasised Mr Nahdi.