Rombo is another part of Africa that is suffering from water shortage. Although Rombo is situated in the Kilimanjaro region of Tanzania, some residents have complained that villagers in neighboring towns in Kenya benefit more from the water from Rongai forests on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro than them.

Mr. Abdallah Mbogo one of the villagers said that some parts of Rombo suffer severe water shortage that they have to travel to Kenya to fetch water from streams whose water originated from Rombo.

A private company water supplier has been contacted to supply water to the Rombo district. However, the technical manager of the company, Martin Kavishe, confirmed that there was enough water at the source but wondered why a large share goes to Kenya.

Consequently, the residents have requested for the regional authorities to ensure that they take note of the poor water supply network system and grant them a proper ration to the water supplies from streams originating from the mountain.

Mr. Martin Kavishe also said that the three main sources of water from Rongai are enough to supply adequate water to the people, however, it takes proper distribution network to meet the water need of consumers in three divisions for 24 hours each day.