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Recently in Lagos, a N4.34 billion memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed with the AG Dangote Construction Company Ltd, the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) and Flour Mills of Nigeria For the commencement of the reconstruction of Apapa Wharf Road Lagos. This signatory process was undertaken by Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola, the minister of power, works, and housing.

The situation of the Apapa Wharf Road is at its peak of deterioration and it causes severe traffic in Apapa. Transporters who have abandoned the railway system of moving cargos’ and have adopted the use of trucks and containers for their cargo movement causing the gridlock in Apapa to increase.

Residents of Apapa are in a discomforting situation as the unbearable gridlock is a challenge to their environment and their movements.

The minister confirmed that it took a period of time for the stalk holders to reach an agreement on a design for the project because they all wanted a suitable structure that would address the drainage problem because the area was waterlogged.

“We have finished with the design, we now have a Bill of Quantity and the cost of the road is N4.34 billion to be funded and paid for by these three groups, Flour Mills of Nigeria, AG Dangote Construction Company Ltd, and NPA,’’ he said.

The rebuilding of the wharf road is a great relief to the residents of Apapa and the minister has given his commendation to the stalk holders who have come to rescue them out of the deteriorating situation.

The Managing Director, Flour Mills of Nigeria, Mr. Paul Gbededo gave his comment concerning the project and he referred to the wharf road as the “most important road in the entire country,’’

“This kind of road cannot be handled with levity,’’ he said.

The minister has also promised that the federal ministry of power works and housing will be in charge of supervising the project all through the construction period.

He designated the Apapa Area Commander of the Nigerian Police Force, to ensure that drivers are put in check against reckless driving during the period of construction. In accordance to the supervision, the residents have been advised to corporate with the new development.


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