THEME: Harnessing Global Energy Resources in challenging Times
DATE: 22 January 2014
Venue: Sheraton Hotel, Abu Dhabi UAE
Time: 6.00PM


As the world grapples with the twin pressure of rising energy demand and the threat of climate change, Africa and the Middle East appears set to lead the way in providing the much needed support to fill the energy vacuum. The IEA in its 2008 study projected that a cumulative energy supply and power generation investment of $26 trillion will be needed between 2008 and 2030, including $5 trillion in renewable energy – that’s over $1 trillion per year to meet the global rise in demand. Despite both continents strategic importance to global energy equation, analysts are of the view that certain impediments have continue to militate against the continents full exploitation of its resources. While Africa and Middle East holds about 60% of gas reserve, these reserves are hard to reach for political or technical reasons.
The Africa-Middle East Energy Outlook Forum with the theme: Harnessing Global Energy Resources in challenging Times, is therefore designed to bring together, investors, policy makers, and other relevant stakeholders to brainstorm on ways of harnessing both continents energy resources in readiness for its role as the world’s energy investment destination.

For Participation and other enquiries, please contact Kingsley on +234 703 682 7724 or Ken on +44 7452244234 or email info@old.africanleadership.co.uk


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