The Exemplary Philanthropy of Living Faith Church Over the Years

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In a society in which one’s background and religious ethics consider giving a command from the maker, it is not surprising the devotion and dedication of the Living Faith Church, also known as the “Winners Chapel” under the leadership of  Bishop David Oyedepo, toward philanthropic initiatives. From education to healthcare, poverty alleviation to disaster relief, the Living Faith Church has left an indelible mark on countless lives by giving back and uplifting the less privileged.

Here’s a deep dive into the remarkable philanthropic endeavours of the Living Faith Church. Including highlights of how David Oyedepo’s leadership has resulted in positive change as many lives have been transformed due to his philanthropic efforts.


In a world where education plays a pivotal role in community development, its accessibility to all, irrespective of one’s financial status, should not be overlooked. The Living Faith Church, knowing and understanding this mandate, has made the core of its philanthropic initiatives centred on its commitment to education. David Oyedepo’s investment in schools is worth noting due to the significant contributions the church has made to improve educational opportunities. The church has been able to make a substantial contribution to the rising demand for formal education at the primary, secondary, and university levels. In Africa, it has established about three universities. Covenant University and Landmark University are two prestigious institutions that provide quality education to numerous students each year. Equipping them for success in all aspects of life.

The church actively supports and funds scholarships for underprivileged students, granting them access to education that would otherwise be out of reach. This is not only limited to Nigeria but extends to other African countries. The church’s investment in education helps the unprivileged believe that there is hope for their future.


The church is committed to providing quality healthcare because it recognises the importance of accessible healthcare. As a result, faith-based hospitals and clinics were established to provide affordable and quality healthcare services in Nigerian communities. Gilead Medical Centre is a group of hospitals administered by Bishop Oyedepo.

The Dominion Hospital is also one of the hospitals established by the Living Faith Church. It offers comprehensive medical services to individuals who lack access to proper medical care. From preventive measures to critical care, the hospital provides a lifeline for those in need, aiming to improve the health and well-being of the community.

In addition to physical health, the Living Faith Church prioritises mental and emotional well-being. The church has set up counselling centres that offer support to individuals dealing with various challenges, including depression, anxiety, and trauma.

Living Faith Church On Empowering Women and Youth

The Living Faith Church’s goal is not only to provide temporary relief materials to individuals but also to establish citizens to become independent citizens who can fend for themselves. As a church, it actively supports and empowers the youth through various initiatives and programmes that can be beneficial to all. These include mentorship programmes, educational scholarships, and vocational training opportunities for young individuals. By nurturing their talents and providing them with guidance, the church prepares the youth to become future leaders and agents of positive change.

Also, women’s empowerment programmes and opportunities for skill development are organised for entrepreneurship training and leadership development. By equipping women with the necessary tools and resources, the church enables them to overcome barriers and contribute meaningfully to society. The Living Faith Church’s dedication to poverty alleviation extends to rural communities as well. The church implements projects focused on improving agriculture by providing farmers with training, modern techniques, and access to resources. This effort enhances food security and boosts economic growth in these areas.

Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Aid


The Living Faith Church demonstrates unwavering compassion for affected victims in times of natural disasters and crises. This is a testament to its dedication to humanity and its belief in the power of compassion and unity. With the help of the church’s disaster response team, there’s an active mobilisation of resources and volunteers to assist affected communities. For instance, the church immediately provided relief items to flood victims in Kogi State. Providing food items and sums of money to all beneficiaries. The Church also supported the fight against COVID-19 by donating ambulances, protective gear, and equipment to the Lagos and Ogun State governments. As well as food and medical resources, during the lockdown periods.

In addition, the Living Faith Church extends its philanthropic efforts beyond its immediate community. The church supports international humanitarian aid projects. Providing resources and assistance to those affected by poverty, conflict, and natural disasters in various parts of the world. This can be traced as far back as 1994. When this organisation was recognised as the first faith-based organisation that supported the traumatised citizens of Rwanda. At the time, the country experienced a genocide attack. And were giving aid like food and funds for rehabilitation.

Also, through its numerous charity programmes and initiatives, the church provides food, clothing, and shelter to the less fortunate. The Widows’ Ministry, for instance, offers support and empowerment to widows. Ensuring they have access to basic necessities and the opportunity to rebuild their lives.

Living Faith Church and Community Development

The Living Faith Church is the epitome of philanthropy due to its desire to see befitting change and transformation in the environment. The church actively engages with local communities to identify their unique needs. And implement projects that transform lives and the community as a whole. These projects encompass infrastructure development, clean water initiatives, vocational training centres, and women’s empowerment programmes.

All these projects go a long way to empower individuals, and boost sustainability. As well as social change, because the church’s holistic approach focuses on empowering individuals and communities. Enabling people to become agents of change within their own environments.

Inspiring Congregational Giving

Being a faith-based organisation that understands the role and benefits of giving in the lives of the congregation, David Oyedepo shows his leadership abilities by inspiring his congregation to give. He firmly believes in the biblical principle of giving. And consistently emphasises the importance of generosity within the Living Faith Church community. Through his teachings and personal example, Oyedepo fosters a culture where giving is as an opportunity to bless others rather than a burden.

The Living Faith Church encourages its members, regardless of their socioeconomic status, to embrace a lifestyle of giving. This inclusivity ensures that everyone can contribute in their own way, fostering a sense of collective responsibility and unity. The generosity of the congregation, coupled with the church’s transparent and accountable management of funds, has enabled the Living Faith Church to make a substantial impact in various philanthropic endeavours.

As a faith-based organisation, this ministry hardly broadcasts its acts of kindness to the world due to biblical principles. However, it is worth acknowledging the wonderful example of generosity and compassion of Living Faith Church. The church has changed countless lives and sparked positive change. Through its unwavering dedication to education, healthcare, poverty reduction, disaster relief, and community development. As well as its support of the empowerment of women and youth and the promotion of humanitarian aid. The Church’s charitable journey serves as an example for people and communities all around the world. Inspiring us to believe in the power of generosity and join forces to build a more just and compassionate society for all.












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