1. Be a star in someone’s dark sky.
  2. Learn from the ocean; when it rises, it carries more than itself along with it.
  3. Our highest deeds come from helping the lowest people.
  4. What you give today you get tomorrow.
  5. To help yourself, help others; to help others, help yourself.
  6. In helping yourself, you prove you are strong; in helping others, you prove you are compassionate; in helping many, you prove you are generous; if helping everyone, you prove you are enlightened.
  7. The happiest people in the world are those who give happiness to others.
  8. Helping yourself is wisdom. Helping your neighbor is kindness. Helping your friend is virtue. Helping your family is duty. Helping your enemy is love.
  9. Less gossiping, more encouraging. Less complaining, more thanksgiving. Less criticizing, more complimenting. Less hurting, more helping. Less hating, more caring.
  10. Hear others, and you will be heard. Understand others, and you will be understood. Help others, and you be will be helped. Love others, and you will be loved.
  11. You have been given a mind to solve problems for others, a heart to feel compassion for others, a mouth to speak kind words to others, ears to hear the plight of others, eyes to look out for others, and hands to sustain others.
  12. If there is wisdom in your mind, prove it; joy in your heart, share it; love in your soul, show it; good in your life, impart it.
  13. In seeking to teach others, you teach yourself. In seeking to help others, you help yourself. In seeking to heal others, you heal yourself. In seeking to bless others, you bless yourself.
  14. If you want little, give little; if you want much, give much; if you want all, give all.
  15. The sun is never denied the light it gives; likewise, you are never denied the kindness you bestow.

May love lead your eyes to look out for others,

may love lead your ears to listen to others,

may love lead your tongue to encourage others,

may love lead your hands to help others,

may love lead your mind to think of others,

may love lead your heart to feel for others,

and may love lead your soul to pray for others. ~Matshona Dhliwayo