Top Trending African Travel Spots of the Moment

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After Asia, the African continent is the second largest and most populated in the world. Africa occupies more than 11,724,000 square miles (30,365,000 square kilometres), or over one-fifth of the planet’s entire land area. Furthermore, the Equator divides the continent evenly in half, placing the majority of Africa in the tropical zone.

Africa, the second-largest continent on Earth, is home to 54 recognised nations, all adding to the region’s natural splendour. But only a few countries, because of their size, are of sufficient importance to shape regional and international affairs. Africa demonstrates its geographical diversity with everything from towering mountains to boundless plains, searing deserts to lush rainforests.

Africa is known for its distinctive wildlife, stunning scenery, and various civilizations. Over the years, the continent has seen a surge in tourism, drawing millions of tourists worldwide. The World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) has released its most recent data, which shows that between January and September of 2023, an anticipated 975 million tourists travelled abroad, a 38% increase over the same period in 2022. This article takes you on a journey to discover the regions and countries with the most visitors to Africa in 2023. Each of these destinations left a lasting impression on visitors.

As 2023 ends, Travel from around the world to the African continent has aided in its development in several areas, including tourism and economic growth. Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, China, and India are a few of them. For example, the number of British visitors travelling overseas increased drastically in the first quarter of 2023 compared to the same period the year before, following a sharp decline with the start of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Despite the yearly rise, the total number of UK outbound visits fell short of pre-pandemic levels in January–March 2023, reaching roughly 15.3 million.



Regional statistics on the number of global visitors

North Africa:


Egypt is considered the most visited country in North Africa because of its stunning landmarks, such as the Giza Pyramids, ancient Islamic architecture, and its unique fusion of old and transcontinental cultures. However, CNN lists Egypt on this list for other reasons. Egypt is anticipated to finish building the $1 billion GEM museum, which will house the King Tut collection and be the largest museum devoted to a single culture.

Egypt: In an infographic study on the country’s tourism market outlook, released on Sunday, December 2, 2023, the agency projects that 11.6 million tourists will go to Egypt in 2023, up from 7.9 million in 2022. In 2026, there will probably be 14 million tourists.

Morocco: As of now, 11,1 million tourists have visited the country, exceeding the numbers for 2022.

Tunisia: The Ministry of Tourism announced on Friday that foreign visitor arrivals to Tunisia increased by 62.4% in the first eight months of this year, indicating the country’s flourishing tourism industry.

6.23 million tourists visited the country between January and August of this year, according to the Ministry.

The significant rise in the number of visitors from France (up 23%), Germany (up 66.3%), Italy (up 25.9%), and Switzerland (up 23.7%) in comparison to the same period in 2022 is responsible for this astounding growth.


East Africa:


Kenya recorded approximately 158,000 foreign visitor arrivals as of July 2023—an increase of over 25,803 from the previous month. Following a sharp decline in foreign visitor numbers in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), the nation’s tourism sector has steadily rebounded. Before the health crisis, the country saw a fluctuation in monthly visitors, but it consistently remained above 100,000.

Tanzania undoubtedly leads the region in terms of tourist attractions. It has always been one of Africa’s most popular travel destinations due to various factors, including its wildlife, friendliness, security, etc. CNN has included this nation as one of its 23 travel destinations for 2023 because of all of these factors. It’s easy to understand why this nation is on the list when you consider its various attractions, which include the Zanzibar Archipelago, UNESCO World Heritage Site Serengeti National Park, and Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain. Like Rwanda, Tanzania is set to welcome the Delta Hotels by Marriott brand to Africa with its Oyster Bay hotel launch in Dar es Salaam later this year.

Uganda is home to some of the friendliest people in Africa and boasts peaceful and breathtaking wildlife conservation facilities. The vast beaches of Lake Victoria, the snow-capped Rwenzori Mountains, hikes through the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, the craters of the Virunga volcano chain, the 1,600-kilometre unpaved 22-stage Cycling Trail in Uganda, and whitewater rafting along the Victoria Nile, among other sights, make Uganda, according to CNN, an unquestionably exciting destination for adventures. Not to mention the food unique to the area.


West Africa:


Nigeria: The most frequent countries of origin for tourists in Nigeria were Niger and India, followed by the US and Benin. It is renowned for its lively culture, extensive history, and multicultural populace. Travellers can enjoy many national experiences, from the bustling metropolis to the peaceful countryside. Ghana: Compared to data from the same quarter in 2022, the number of tourists arriving through the nation’s numerous ports of entry increased in the third quarter of 2023. The Bank of Ghana reports that 304,171 tourists entered the country during the review period, up from 258,246 visitors in quarter 3, 2022, or a 17.8% yearly growth.

Senegal: While foreign departures rose by 107.9% in 2022, international arrivals in Senegal increased by 93.1%. In 2022, the primary reason for inbound visits was VFR, with leisure and business following closely after.


Southern Africa:


South Africa: Approximately 608,000 tourists had arrived in South Africa as of June 2023. 484.3 thousand of those were from Africa, making up the majority. North America and Europe came next, with roughly 39,000 and 49,000 visitors, respectively. Namibia: From 2005 to 2022, the average number of tourists arriving in Namibia was 1010739.56. From 2019 to 2020, the highest number of tourists coming was 1595973.00, and the lowest was 169565.00. Botswana: The CEO of the country’s tourism organisation announces intentions to boost foreign visitors in 2023. Next year will be fantastic for the tourism sector; Botswana plans and implements measures to ensure the industry has even greater success.

Africa is reportedly getting back into “growth mode,” per the most recent ForwardKeys data. While foreign visitors on the continent are expected to fall 13% from 2019 levels in the fourth quarter of 2023, several vital destinations—Central and West Africa leading the way—are expected to increase. According to the most recent data, Cameroon is leading the way in growth, with an estimated 27% increase in foreign visitors over the same period in 2019. Growth is also anticipated in Tanzania (+15%), Namibia (+10%), and the Ivory Coast (+8%).


According to Julia Simpson, President and CEO of the World Travel and Tourism Council, the most recent data from ForwardKeys indicates an unquestionable desire to travel to locations throughout Africa. It’s time to take advantage of the expansion opportunities presented by these search trends, which indicate possible new source markets for several African destinations.




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