Widespread vaccination against Covid19 is ongoing in Africa as more Countries on the Continent have joined the efforts in rolling out Covid-19 Vaccines to individuals, with Ethiopia and Tunisia beginning their campaign over the weekend.

On Saturday, Tunisia administered Vaccines at a field hospital set up in a sports complex in the El Mensah district of the country’s capital, Tunis, starting with frontline healthcare workers and Medical staff alongside aged individuals above 65-year, people with severe health issues and security personnel.

Tunisia aims to vaccination half of its population as it expects more Vaccines doses from Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Russia and China to help continue its efforts.

On the other hand, Ethiopia commenced the vaccination of its Health workers on Saturday at Addis Ababa, stating out an intent to vaccinate at least twenty percent of its population by the end of this year

The World Health Organization was in attendance at the vaccination campaign through its representative, Boureima Hama Sambo, who encouraged citizens, noting that the different communities and their community leaders should try their best in their capacity to deal with misinformation, and also try to demand the vaccines as even with the number of cases and the vaccination campaign in the country, some citizens express their doubts towards the campaign.