The “Best Employers in Tunisia” programme for 2021 has announced Seven companies as winners of its award. They are Ekuity Capital, the Tunisian-Kuwaiti Company of El Emar (STKE), Teleperformance, Ipsen, Mezzo, Pfizer and Armatis.

The “Best Employers in Tunisia” programme is an initiative forming a part of the international certification programme titled “Best Places to Work” with an aim of rewarding the best employers of labour in different countries. Evaluation for the award is based on the analysis of the attractiveness of a company through a two-step process which is focused on 8 dimensions around the company’s culture, management leadership, learning opportunities and HR practices.

Currently, the international certification programme for companies is running in its 6th year as it has been organised for the past 6 years in Tunisia. The value it provides is to honour companies that distinguish themselves by the quality of HR policies and practices.

The 2021 version of the “Best Employers in Tunisia” put into consideration also employer-employee relationship during the pandemic with rewards for various actions undertaken by employers to retain their employees and support them in their professional development while ensuring the preservation of their health.