According to a Turkish diplomat, Turkey will partner with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to foster gender balance in Rwanda’s private sector.

Ankara’sAnkara’s Ambassador to Rwanda Burcu Cevik, in a virtual interview, disclosed that Turkey is providing a $100,000 grant to help contribute to the “Gender Equality Seal” project.

The funds are to motivate private companies in the country to operate in a more gender-friendly work environment. 

Cevik said, “Turkey is supporting efforts of relevant Rwandan authorities to ensure a more gender-balanced and inclusive working environment in the private sector. We also hope to promote women entrepreneurship as well as strengthening their participation in the labor force.”

She noted that Rwanda is one of five other states selected for the program.

In her speech, she explained how the partnership would work. “The UNDP Rwanda Office’s association will implement the project in close cooperation with the Private Sector Federation and Gender Monitoring Office. The Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion of Rwanda will also support it.

The diplomat highlighted the path for private companies who wish to join the program. 

“Companies willing to take part in the project will make an internal organizational assessment on gender equality and develop an organization-wide plan for gender equality with assistance and guidance from the Gender Monitoring Office. Those that prove to be performing will be awarded a Gender Seal Certificate.”

Women’s participation in the Rwandan private sector is low. It has called for deliberate actions to be taken to improve the situation. However, participation in economic development is evenly distributed across all genders.

52% of the country’s population comprises women, and these women are numerically represented in the public and political sectors.

Presently, women account for 61%, 44%, and 55% of parliament, judiciary, and cabinet members, respectively. 

Rwanda is a country that ranks high globally concerning gender balance.