By: Staff Writer

As part of response to China’s deepening of relations with Africa, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of States, Linda Thomas-Greenfield has recently said that the economic opportunities on the continent of Africa are immense enough for U.S. and Chinese investors.

Speaking with international journalists through an interactive online video platform, in the company of the USAID Assistant Administrator, Linda Etim, Thomas-Greenfield who was responding to question asked by a journalist said, “the opportunities on the continent of Africa economically, as far as resources are concerned, investments are concerned, those opportunities are immense, and there is space for us, other investors, as well as the Chinese.”

“So it is important, in my view, for African countries to look at potential investors from China as well as from the United States and other places and determine what is in the interest of their country and what is in the interest of their people and strike the best deals that they can strike for their people moving forward,” she added.

“So again, it’s not a competition. It’s about African countries determining what their priorities are and what their vision for economic growth and prosperity in the future requires from investors that are coming from overseas”, she noted.


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