President Donald Trump was sued by over 190 Democratic lawmakers on Wednesday over the claim that he accepted funds from the foreign government through his business without seeking congressional consent which violates the U.S Constitution.  

The white house was of the opinion that Trump business interest has not violated any constitutional rule. The Trump organization has said it would donate profits from customers but without revealing their identity.

The Constitution’s “foreign emoluments” clause bar U.S. officeholders from accepting payments and various other gifts from foreign governments without congressional approval.

“The president’s failure to tell us about these emoluments, to disclose the payments and benefits that he is receiving, mean that we cannot do our job. We cannot consent to what we don’t know,” said Senator Richard Blumenthal, one of the lawmakers bringing the lawsuit, in a conference call on Tuesday.

The Justice Department declined to comment.

They further said that Trump’s breach of the constitution will put other business owners at a disadvantage while providing incentives to give Trump-owned businesses preferential treatment.

The plaintiffs in the Wednesday lawsuit against President Trump is the largest number of legislators ever to sue a U.S president, according to some lawmakers.