As part of effort towards the establishment of sustainable developmental goals, the Government of Uganda, through the Ministry of Education has tendered a formal agreement to transform six vocational colleges into centres of excellence.

Based on the agreement, the six colleges will be provided with better technical skills in oil and gas extraction, carpentry and joinery, welding, plumbing and many other technical areas, in order to proper align the mentalities of Ugandans about technical studies which is often perceived as subsidiary to Universities.

“We want to change the notion many people had that technical studies are for those who have failed to enter University. We want to develop this sector farther especially the oil and gas,” said Mr Kakooza, Minister for Education and Sports.

Furthermore, the government seeks to change the system of education from content based to competence based to meet the economic requirement of human resources.

Following this development, the government have signed a budget of about Shs32b (USD9M) to bring the plan into a reality.

“As we sign this agreement, training the students will imply equipping them with skills such that by the course, they are able to work anywhere globally,” Mr Kakooza said.

The six institutes involved in the agreement include, Uganda Petroleum Institute Kigumba, Kichwamba Technical College, Bukalasa Agricultural Institute College, Uganda Technical College Elgon, Uganda Technical College Bushenyi and Uganda Technical College Lira.

According to the education ministry, the colleges are expected to establish their standards on the area of specialization that is best convenient for them and also partner with other experienced faculties of their field of specialization to train them on the course.