Unlocking Potential: Speaker Fonati Koffa delivers Plan for Africa’s economy in Ethiopia

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In a powerful address at the African Leadership Magazine’s Persons of the Year Awards 2024, which took place at Skylight Hotel in Ethiopia, Hon. Cllr. J. Fonati Koffa, the Speaker of Liberia’s House of Representatives, hailed the organisation’s commitment to promoting excellence across the continent. Reflecting on his own journey from a spectator to a celebrated figure, Koffa expressed profound gratitude for the recognition bestowed upon him, emphasizing the significance of the event’s theme, particularly in the context of Liberia’s tumultuous history marked by civil conflict and disease outbreaks.


Drawing from Liberia’s experiences, Koffa underscored the imperative for resilience in African economies, given the prevailing challenges such as climate change, global security uncertainties, and the erosion of democratic values. He advocated for a proactive approach, calling for open borders, increased investment in technology, and expedited efforts towards a single African currency as essential pillars for fostering economic resilience.

Highlighting the transformative potential of technology, Koffa elucidated its role in bridging infrastructural gaps and enhancing intracontinental trade. He stressed the need for governments to embrace electronic payment systems, streamline regulations to foster innovation, and leverage mobile technology to empower citizens economically. Koffa’s vision extended to the realm of currency integration, advocating for a swift transition to a single African currency to facilitate seamless trade and travel within the continent.

Furthermore, Koffa urged African leaders to transcend rhetoric and take concrete steps towards implementing these initiatives. He emphasised the importance of open borders in facilitating trade and fostering continental unity, citing the benefits witnessed within regional blocs like ECOWAS. Koffa concluded by reiterating his commitment to championing the dual themes of open borders and a single currency, asserting that Africa’s future prosperity hinges on trade, not aid.

In his stirring address, Speaker Fonati Koffa delivered a clarion call for concerted action towards building resilient African economies, underscoring the transformative potential of technology, open borders, and currency integration. As the continent navigates the complexities of the modern era, Koffa’s visionary leadership serves as a point of reference, inspiring a new paradigm of economic resilience and continental unity.


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