Morocco is set to receive a donation from the United States to boost its vaccination efforts with its campaign against the virus regarded the largest in Africa, and its efforts recognized as one of the Continent.

The donation amounts to the sum of $ 2 million. It follows another donation earlier received by the country from USAID $10.7 million meant to help improve the response to Covid-19, as revealed by a spokesperson for the US embassy located at Rabat.

Morocco’s efforts and campaign, which is placed among the top ten successful Covid-19 campaigns going on globally, has been commended by the World Health Organization (WHO). For the first dose of the Coronavirus vaccine, the country vaccinated over four million people, adding a little over 1 million for the second dose. And, in furtherance of its campaign, Morocco expects more doses in the coming days.

Currently, the North African country is considering using Russia’s Sputnik Covid-19 vaccine, which is on its radar for a likely use.