By Alkali Amana

Widely recognized as the most Covid vaccinated nation in the world, Seychelles as a country has achieved immense success against the ravaging virus, and these efforts can largely be attributed to a focused leader with the experience of H.E Wavel Ramkalawan at the helm of affairs.

Located in the Northeast of Madagascar in Africa, President Wavel has led Seychelles to be an example to the world in employing efforts at keeping the deadly Coronavirus at bay as he leads a heavy vaccination campaign and plans for citizens of the island nation. As he rightly noted in a recent interview with Seychelles News Agency, the country is a world leader in terms of the percentage of its population that has been vaccinated. Bloomberg corroborates this evidence with statistics noting that the country has fully inoculated 62% of its population with vaccines created under license from AstraZeneca.

With Seychelles’ successes and efforts comes an altruistic nature worthy of applause and commendation as the nation also takes care of other residents within their territory. In the words of President Wavel “not only are we taking care of our own but we are taking care of any resident in our country, in the same spirit of the WHO Secretary-General who said do not only choose who can be vaccinated but rather all can be vaccinated”, Leading his country ably towards full inoculation, President Wavel ensured that he took the situation seriously and commenced a vaccination program the minute vaccines were available, and to consolidate these efforts, he has given assurances of Seychelles’ commitment to finding vaccines for the younger generation of the island aged 15 and above. “Seychelles will be leading the way as we look at vaccines for children aged 15 and above. Soon, Seychelles may become the first in the world to give vaccines to this age group” he said in the interview with the agency.

To this end, with the commitment of focused leadership, it strikes little awe to see the excellence of the island nation at tackling the pandemic even in economic terms. Being proactive, the country has started receiving tourists into its domain with adequate measures in place to cater for them, and true to test, the number of tourists visiting the country increases by the day since entry began through the airport. This, amidst other measures, will undoubtedly serve as a tipping point for the nation’s economy which contracted by 13 percent the previous year as a result of Covid19. President Wavel remains optimistic and bears trust in the capacity of the country he leads to provide safety for its citizens in the fight against Covid, as according to him with the ability to provide 30,000 PCR tests daily, Seychelles’ is equipped to handle any situation. He is a revelation of the massive ongoing efforts by Africa’s leadership to provide a safe environment and take care of their citizens. For this, he is worthy of excellent applause and commendation as an African leader.