Fiam Wi-Fi, a startup Wireless Internet Service Provider in Nigeria, has carried out an extension of its Facebook Connectivity’s Express Wi-Fi platform to Ajegunle, a Lagos suburb densely populated with lower-income earners.

Supported by Facebook Connectivityas part of efforts to boost internet access across Lagos, the extension plan will see Fiam Wi-Fi roll out additional Express Wi-Fi services in the most deprived communities in Lagos such as Makoko and Naty Village. Notably, both of them are fishing communities without any public infrastructure.

According to the Founder and CEO of Fiam Wi-Fi, Akin Marinho, the company wishes to create affordable internet access for communities.

“With millions of Nigerians unable to afford connectivity, we are pleased to provide 1GB of data for N200 (US 50 Cents) without validity or expiration period. Our mission as a company is to connect 50 million more Nigerians to the internet over the next decade. The Express Wi-Fi platform allows us to build, scale and monetize our business, and lets us focus on delivering on our mission – to connect underserved communities to the internet” he said.

The platform, Express Wi-Fi, is developed by Facebook Connectivity with the vision of partners building, growing, and monetizing their Wi-Fi businesses through sustainable and scalable means while providing quality internet service to customers.