A partnership by the United Nations Development Program, Green Gold Liberia and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has seen the first batch of 40 women Ambassadors from Monrovia complete a two-month intensive training on the production of 400 pieces of Eco stoves to help Liberia reach its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) 2030 target.

According to UNDP Energy and Environment Specialist, Moses Massah, who spoke at the graduation program held for the women, the restoration of the ecosystem is a global effort channelled into ensuring that Countries take appropriate steps needed to help end poverty, combat climate change and prevent the extinction of animals.

“This is a starting point for contributing to the achievement of this target. We can only succeed in meeting this target if everyone plays a part” he said

With eyes on combating climate change, Liberia has turned efforts towards producing 300,000 energy-efficient stoves by 2030 as part of its commitment to reduce deforestation & Green House Gases (GHG) emissions.

The UNDP, through its Energy and Environment (E&E) Programme, works with the EPA to provide support for vulnerable coastal communities through training on the production of energy-efficient cookstoves. The support aims to improve livelihoods, promote diversification of energy and create access to renewable energy through innovative solutions. In addition, the women are expected to use the proceeds from the sale of the stoves as start-up capital to establish business enterprises to sustain them and increase income generation.