Wild Elephants Invade Villages in Tanzania

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Some villages in Tanzania have been living in fear for some months due to a consistent attack by wild elephants that have been invading the community.

During the last attack, pandemonium ravaged the Chikopelo village when a herd of nine elephants invaded the villages.

The District Executive Director who reported the case claimed that although the elephant did not cause much damage the people are still in fear.

“People are in fear of the new wave of elephant invasion in their localities, something which wasn’t the case in the past,”

“I got a report from the villagers, who also said the animals normally come to the village at different times and sometimes go directly to the village dam, the only source of water in the village, drink water and later disappear.”

According to the official, a group of elephants were spotted in the village week ago but disappeared in the into the bush close to the Chikopelo Primary School.

“another group of the nine animals resurfaced again in the area and disappeared. As district authorities, we’ve informed the national Wildlife Division’s anti-poaching unit (KDU) for further action. I, therefore, urge villagers to always report such cases,” he said.

The District Executive Director instructed the villagers to always report the incident whenever they were attacked so that extreme measures can be taken.

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