Image: daily-mail

Tullow Oil, a British company, has begun oil and gas exploration in northern Zambia, following the result of some soil samples sent months ago by the Zambian government to Europe for a confirmation of the availability of crude in some areas in Zambia.

The soil samples sent to be tested by the European laboratories have now revealed traces of crude and this has elevated the status of the non-producing oil country.

The President of Zambia Edgar Lungu, who could not contain his joy after receiving the report of the findings, said he would closely monitor the exploration work of the upcoming survey.

According to Ian Cloke the Executive Vice President of Tullow, he explained that the exploration would take between two and ten years, while development will take three to ten years and production 20-50 years.

“We are exploring a large area in Northern and Luapula provinces. With Tullow’s exploration credentials, I can confidently say that if any oil is to be found in this area of Zambia, Tullow will find it,” said Cloke.